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Project  Name: TAMAR
Start Date: March 15, 2010
Job Title: Team Leader for Mill Production Inspections
Vendor(s) Name: Tenaris Dalmine.
On Site Duties: Hold Point & Witness Inspections for Steps as Follow:
STEEL MAKING: Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Analysis.
ROUND BARS PRODUCTION: Visual Check and Verify Stamping and Stenciling of Heat number on each bar.
ROLLING FTM MILL: Check mill practice the operation of end cropping, dimensional and surface check.
HEAT TREATMENT: Cycle time and temperatures verification. Straightness process control. Visual Straightness.
TRACEABILITY MARKING: Verify traceability marking on each pipe, heat number, mill order, pipes number.
TEST SAMPLE SELECTION: Samples selection of chemical & mechanical test for FDPT and Production Test.
MECHANICAL TESTING: First Day Production Test. Production Analysis. Tensile test at Room Temperature. Hardness Test. Charpy V-Notch Test.
Charpy Transition Curve. CTOD Testing. Ageing Testing.
PRODUCTION TESTING: Product Analysis. Tensile Test.
Impact Test: Hardness Test. CTOD Testing.
ELECTROMAGNETIC INSPECT: Longitudinal External Defects.
CUTTING and END PREPAR: Length Check.
HYDROSTATIC TESTING: Check pressure test time .
AUTOMATIC ULTRASONIC INSP. (Body & Ends): Longitudinal and Transverse check. Wall Thickness check. Lamination check.
MPI ON PIPE ENDS: Laminations check
DIMENSIONAL INSPECTION: Outside diameter body. Inside Diameter (Ends). Wall Thickness & Eccentricity. Straightness. Dimensional tolerances on Ends.
RESIDUAL MAGNETISM: Verification residual magnetism.
WEIGHT & LECTH: Weighing, length measurements.
PIPE MARKING: Verification Pipes marking and pipes numbers.
VISUAL INSPECTION: Visual inspection of Pipes. PIPE END PROTECTION. Pipe ends be protected by lift able plastic caps. LOAD & DESPATCH.
DOCUMENTATION: Final documentation, 3.1.Final Certificate & Final Release Note.