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Kizomba Satellities

Project  Name: Kizomba Satellities
End Client: ExxonMobil
Start Date: November 11, 2009
January 11, 2010
End Date: December 18, 2009
July  21, 2010
Vendor(s) Name: Forgiatura Mame’ Spa
Vendor(s) Location: Brescia Italy
On Site Duties: Stages of processing and monitoring required on the following materials:
Heat Treatment (Normalizing)-Heat Treatment (Austeniteze) -Heat Treatment (Quench and Temper  Hardness Test on piece After Heat Treatment – Mechanical and Metallography Test – Machining. Visual and Dimensional Check -Ultrasonic Test -Magnetic Particle Test – Final Hardness Test -Marking and Packing -Material Certification.
Reporting Duties:
During the manufacture of this product, each phase has been checked and verified step by step.
 According To Specification and Quality Control Plan and customer requirements:
Documentation Review of Document for client approval, of DWG, of fabrication and inspection progress.
NDT operator qualification, Instrument Calibration.
Incoming Heat check of mill certificate.
After verifying all documents, including raw material, we proceed to cut, where required, 
after the forming of the piece, you run the final heat treatment.
Sampling test selection and mechanical testing.
Verification of all non-destructive testing to be performed; ferrite cont,  UT & MT, visual and dimensional, final marking. Protection and packing check. Review of final documentation