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Kizomba Satellite PJ (BLOCK 15)

Project  Name: Kizomba Satellite PJ (BLOCK 15)
End Client: ExxonMobile
Start Date: September 04,2008
End Date: June 30,2009
Job Title: Umbilical Inspector
Component: Umbilical Inspector
Vendor(s) Name: Tenaris Dalmine
Vendor(s) Location: Dalmine. (BG) Italy
On Site Duties: Stages of processing and monitoring required on the following materials:
Seamless Line Pipes | PPM – PIM| Steel Making | Hot Rolling | Heat Treatment | Sampling Test Selection for Mechanical testing | Mechanical Testing and Heat Analysis | Adjusting| Hydrostatic Test | Ultrasonic | Examination | MPI on pipe end & Visual and Dimensional Check | Residual Magnetism | Wight & Length | Pipe Marking | Visual Inspection | Pipe End Protection | Load & Despatch | Final Documentation.
Reporting Duties:
During the manufacture of this product, each phase has been checked and verified step by step.
According To Specification and Quality Control Plan and customer requirements:
Check  and Review of Document:  client approval, Inspection Test Plan, NDT Operator qualification, Instrument Calibration.
Witness: Steel Making and Ladle analysis.
Monitoring: Round Bars Production & Hot Rolling.
Witness: Heat Treatment and Strsightnening, Traceability Marking.
Hold Point: Test Sample Selection of chemical & mechanical test and First Day Production Testing.
Hold Point: Production Testing, Production Analysis, Tensil test, Impact test, Hardness Test, CTOD test.
Witness: Adjusting, Electromagnetic inspection longitudinal external defect.
Monitoring: Cutting and end preparation, length check
Witness: Hydrostatic Test.
Check pressure and time permanence.
Witness: UT
Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection, Body &   Ends.
Witness: MPI
MPI on pipe end, lamination check and Dimensional check: inside diameter, end, Wall Thickness and eccentricity, straightness, dimensional tolerance on ends.
Monitoring: Residual Magnetism.
Check of residual magnetism shall be 20 gauss maximum.
Witness: Weight & Length.
Check Weighing and length measurement for each pipes.
Monitoring: Pipe Marking,
Check marking of each pipes stenciling and additional marking.
Monitoring pipe end protection: Pipe ends shall be protected by lift able plastic caps.
Hold Point: Final Documentation and data book.