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Kizomba Satellite PJ

Project  Name: Kizomba Satellite PJ
End Client: ExxonMobile
Start Date: October 23, 2008
End Date: July 06, 2009
Job Title: Umbilical Inspector
Component: Inspector
Vendor(s) Name: Cameron S.R.L.
Vendor(s) Location: Colico. Lecco. Italy
On Site Duties: Stages of processing and monitoring required on the following materials:
Subsea Ball Valves & Gate Valves | PIM & PPM | Raw Material | UT after rough machining.
Weld Inconel 625 Clading | Final machining of weld overlay | Dimensional examination | NDT | P.I.M.
Ferrite check |Visual & Dimensional check | FAT Test | Electric continuity check | Break-out torque | Drift Test | Hydrostatic Test | Gas Test | Final Inspection | Final Painting | Final protection | Final Documentation and Release for shipping.
Reporting Duties: During the manufacture of this product, each phase has been checked and verified step by step.
According To Specification and Quality Control Plan and customer requirements:
Document for client approval | Incoming Heat check of mill certificate.
Ultrasonic Exam after rough machining | Monitoring Weld inconel 625 | Check of final machining of weld overlay and dimensional check | Verification of Non Destructive Testing | P.I.M.  Ferrite check.
FAT Test, electric continuity, break-out torque, drift test, gas test | Hydrostatic test | Final Inspection and final painting | Check of final documentation and data book.