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Kipper Tuna Gas pj

Project  Name: Kipper Tuna Gas pj
End Client: Esso. Australia
Start Date: January 27, 2009
End Date: July 19, 2010
Vendor(s) Name: PETROLVALVES. SPA. (Vetco Gray)
Vendor(s) Location: Varese  Italy
Project  Name: Kizomba Satellities
End Client: ExxonMobil
Start Date: October 28, 2009
January 19, 2010
End Date: December 23, 2009
March 04, 2010
Vendor(s) Name: Forgital  Italia
Vendor(s) Location: Verona. Italy
On Site Duties: Stages of processing and monitoring required on the following materials:
Heat Treatment (Normalizing) – Heat Treatment (Austeniteze) – Heat Treatment (Quench and  Temper  Hardness Test on piece After Heat Treatment – Mechanical and Metallography Test – Machining. – Visual and Dimensional Check – Ultrasonic Test Magnetic Particle Test – Final Hardness Test – Marking and Packing  – Material Certification
Reporting Duties:
During the manufacture of this product, each phase has been checked and verified step by step.
According To Specification and Quality Control Plan and customer requirements:
Documentation Review of Document for client approval, of DWG, of fabrication and inspection progress NDT operator qualification, Instrument Calibration.
Incoming Heat check of mill certificate. | After verifying all documents, including raw material, we proceed to cut, where required,  after the forming of the piece, you run the final heat treatment. | Sampling test selection and mechanical testing. | Verification of all non-destructive testing to be performed; ferrite cont,  UT & MT, visual and dimensional, final marking.  | Protection and packing check. | Review of final documentation